November 21th 2011

Tetristats is now present on GitHub, I'm not sure whether there will be new versions or not, but anyway, here is the repository :

If anyone is still using this program, please let me know :)

August 2nd 2010

Tetristats has been added to Softpedia's database and received the "100% Free" award.

July 26th 2010

Five years after the initial release of Tetristats, I'm finally writing here again to announce a new version of the website : huge thanks to H7 for the wonderful Amiga ASCii logo used in the header!

A lot of time has passed, and altough TetriNET is not as popular as it used to be, it is still alive and I have plans to release a new version of this tool.

I wish you an happy Summer 2010!

January 19th 2005

Opening of the Tetristats web site.

January 18th 2005

Initial release of Tetristats. You can grab it here : tetristats-1.00-src.tar.gz